Boycamp 2016 (consecutive writing day #6)

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Today is day six of writing for 30 consecutive days. I am currently at the annual “up north” trip with my high school buddies that we have aptly named “Boycamp”. Today is tough because I’ve been drinking most of the day and am trying to push something between the Michigan State game ending and the rest of the drinking games and fun of the night beginning.

I’ll keep it brief this time. There are two major things I’ve learned at Boycamp 2016. One is that the value of awesome friends can never be understated. We have had the same core group of guys come to this trip every year (sometimes twice a year, winter and summer trips) since 2011. These guys are the best and I have nothing but fun when I’m with them.

The second thing I’ve learned is that gas can regulations are the worst thing in the world. I already knew this but this weekend really hammered it home. Over the past 10 years or so regulators have really gone at gas cans. There supposed “safety features” do nothing but make you more unsafe. How do I avoid using a self-ventilating gas can that takes 15 minutes to empty five gallons, requires an annoying amount of simultaneous button pushing, and leaks all over the place? I free pour. This inevitably leads to bits of gas making their way to the lake and is probably very unsafe. But that’s what I do because the alternative is so terribly tedious.

The punchline of this very short post then? Friends are awesome and government regulations always make us worse off and less safe. That’s what I’ll leave you with today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put out a real, better-written post. Until then, GO BLUE!

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