Bumps Abound

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Day 3 and I am scrambling to write a short piece just to have written something.

The goal is to ship something each and every day for as long as I can. To force the pen to paper–or fingers to keyboard–and force the creative juices along with it.

Bumps will be abound in any endeavor.

Your car will break down, you’ll lose your keys, you’ll have to stay late at work, you’ll get the flu. Though the universe gains no pleasure at playing tricks at us, we live not in perfect world where these things are not to happen. It doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t work against you. These are myths. Tricks our minds play on us.

Bumps happen simply because they happen. How you respond within the context of your goals and values is what matters.

My goal is to write. I made a promise to myself to publish something every day and failing by day 3 seemed like something I could not abide by. And so despite going to the gym before work, working at the office for 9 hours, having a Zoom meeting with my Praxis Advisor, going to the store, cooking dinner, and doing some more work back at home, I decided to ship something.

So whether it is the universe, business, or poor planning that seeks to keep you from your goals, soldier on!

A promise broken to yourself is something far too foul to consider. They are indeed the most important promises of all.

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