Resist Resistance

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My writing has suffered in the past few months.

My time outside of work has been increasingly wasted.

I’ve had a lot of life changes. Awesome life changes. I completed Praxis and achieved the largest and most tangible goals I set for myself back in September at the beginning of the program.

I moved to Downtown Detroit and moved myself into a marketing role at my company. In September I was recently returned from living in Europe for year, had no job and moved back into my parents’ house. Risking the cliche, I actually moved into their basement.

Now I live in Downtown, walk 15 min to work and have the opportunity to add real value to my company on a daily basis. I was able to totally change my reality for the better.

But with the changes has come a degree of complacency. I’m not sure if I got too comfortable, or lazy, or whatever. My writing fell off, I stopped going to the gym on a regular basis, even started eating worse.

Put succinctly, Resistance overtook me.

It was as if my hunger to get into marketing and to move to the city was one day insatiable, and then suddenly satisfied. And in the moment of satisfaction my defenses were lowered, and Resistance reared its ugly head.

But no more.

With this short piece I resume the tireless battle against this most sinister foe. As the Scots charged the fields at Bannockburn and Washington’s men stormed the last redoubts at Yorktown, I vow to once again resist Resistance.

I am going to regain the hunger and curiosity. No longer let my time go to waste.

I will fight back.  


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